DA BIZ Professional Music Artist

Da biz is a native of obowo local government in IMO state and was born in oyigbo Rivers state where his parents reside! I grew up there and attended Airforce primary school in porthercourt, as a child he love listening and making rap music, his the last in the family of 4 , his father is a professional weather, and mother a trader, his a love or football as his second best hobbies . He start his first music project with a groups called top 3,
He keep pushing in his music career,
He love privacy and sometimes hangout with friends. Mostly prefer calm area, he love jokes and comedy is his first choice in movies. Da biz is talented and all his focus is music that gives him joy. Focused human being

Her music videos also tell powerful stories and they give a lot of inspiration, and healing, encourage, joy throughout.
Hot upcoming artist with great talent and inspiration


Professional Singer

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